FFT Travel Bucket List

How lucky are you to be alive at this very moment in this wonderful world! A world full of amazing destinations, too many to list, too many to fathom but guaranteed most of us have short-listed the vast options of places that we want to visit in our lifetime to our Travel Bucket List. Although […]

What is Mindful Travel?

Our world is filled with constant noise and chatter, we are always switched on. We are connected ALL.THE.TIME. If we do not take deliberate breaks from these daily stresses our bodies and minds struggle to cope which can bring about mental illness like anxiety and depression. Travel often becomes an attempt to break away from […]

Mexican Turtle

Cancun Baby! Who wouldn’t?    A couple of years ago I had the amazing opportunity through a travel industry incentive to travel to Cancun, Mexico. It was the opportunity of a lifetime because living at the bottom end of Africa many destinations classify as long haul travel and Mexico is definitely up there under the […]

Australia trip- healing through travel

Have you ever traveled after a break up or traumatic event? To just get away from it? I most definitely have and without realizing at the time it was the best thing I could have done. I lost a special person in my life almost 11 years ago and the same year another special person […]