Travel can be a beautiful way to transform yourself, and being a mindful traveller is important, now more than ever.

My name is Lize and
I am a Future Female Traveller.

I have worked in travel in some way or form since I left high school, I even majored in Tourism during my tertiary studies. My passion for travel has also made me suffer from a constant yearning to do more with it, so much so that I am running my own travel business. And yet, I knew this would not be the end of my yearning. Although I love helping my clients plan their dream holidays, I often wondered if they knew WHY they were travelling. What made them choose a specific destination? I also wondered if they were mindful of their destination’s culture and traditions. Did their trip transform them in any way or serve its intended purpose? This happened most often when I had female travellers, which I seemed to attract quite a bit.

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.”Paula Bendfeldt

I found myself looking back on my travels and I started to realise the transformational effect that travel has had on my life, even in the smallest way each trip had changed my perspective of the world or helped me heal in some way. I loved this. I intentionally wanted more of this and I wanted this for more people. So I began asking myself how do I create more awareness about the transformational effect of travel and also help others travel more mindfully. I soon found myself on a deep transformational journey with my life coach which led to my Gandhi moment, you know this one: “Be the change you want to see in the world”!


In the early hours of a morning in 2020 in the middle of COVID19 pandemic hard lockdown, I woke up suddenly, grabbed my journal and wrote the words “Future Female Traveller” (no jokes).  At 3 am I created the Facebook community which serves as a safe, supportive space for female travellers to share their stories, photos, inspiration, tips and advice about travel. Great things happen when womxn support each other so I figured this was a good place to start.

The future of travel is changing and we need to approach travel differently for the sake of future generations. Being more conscious, setting intentions and practising mindfulness while travelling means you can experience amazing benefits of transformation through travel! I wish to inspire you to not only travel the world but to stretch beyond your world within as well- expand your internal and external map.


My 3 am wake up call came from within, and I ran towards it with everything I had against all odds and here we are – Future Female Traveller – the website!


Whether you are a solo traveller, soul searcher, adventurer, sun-seeker, dreamer, retreat dabbler or travel enthusiast – this is the place for you to be inspired, supported and assisted with all things mindful and travel related.  I hope this space brings you as much joy, insight and growth as creating it has brought to me.